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n : physical and emotional care and nourishment

As a licensed massage therapist, Restorative Exercise Specialist and certified practitioner and educator of abdominal massage I offer several forms of bodywork and massage therapy specialties at Nurturance, LLC in Portland, Oregon. With over 16 years experience and training, I remain committed to health and healing practices.  I hold two certifications in abdominal massage (Maya and Chinese) and I combine these ancient healing techniques with Visceral Manipulation™ and Restorative Exercise  as well as other therapies to make sure you receive the best possible care.

-Barbara Loomis (A.K.A. Alignment Monkey), owner and sole practitioner at Nurturance, LLC (license #6509)

Some symptoms relieved by the treatments at Nurturance, LLC

Menstrual cramps

Digestive distress

Muscular pain and tension

Retroverted or tipped uterus

Joint pain

Emotional stress held in the body

Fertility challenges

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